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January 24, 2018

Chamber & CVB partnership make purchase

By Kate Johnson

After years in the making, Beulah’s Chamber and Convention and Visitor’s Bureau have jointly purchased a building.
The building is located on the south end of Hwy 49. This building was previously owned by the City of Beulah. The Chamber, CVB, and Motor Vehicle Department all were equal contributing factors to its rental and operation.
The Chamber and CVB began the ball rolling for building ownership two years ago. Since that time there have been discussions, offers, counter-offers and waiting.
During the last leg of the purchase, CVB and Chamber Director Rachael Mortenson said that since the CVB’s budget was undetermined and their funds were at a question mark, they weren’t comfortable moving forward with the purchase of a building.
“Since we did get money we decided to move forward with the purchase,” Mortenson said, “When you don’t know where your income is coming from you can’t spend a lot of money.”
The partnership purchased the building at $78,430 splitting the purchase down the middle.
However, the chamber had the funds to pay for their half of the purchase; whereas, the CVB felt taking out a loan was a better choice for their portion.

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