June 14, 2017

Chamber’s new director, Mortenson

By Kate Johnson

The hunt is over. The Beulah Chamber of Commerce has hired its new director, Rachael Mortenson. Rachael said that a chamber position is the perfect fit for someone like her: outgoing, social, organized, and full of ideas.
When she and her husband, Gorlyn Mortenson, were looking to buy a home Rachael knew she wanted it to be in the Hazen community, having lived in the community before. In 2015 they found their home in Hazen and she began working as an administrative assistant at Lange Donovan and Kaffer Law office. However, last December Rachael made the move into the executive director position for the Hazen Chamber of Commerce and the Hazen Golf Course.
“I’ve always been into sales and I think that’s why I’m a good fit for the Chamber, because I’m good at working with people, persuading people, planning events, and getting things done,” said Rachael.
Her previous sales experience stemmed from the days when she was a drafter and took on a job at Wagon Wheel Lumber. She discussed how she would hold seminars and how she taught carpenters and homeowners how to install certain products, which is also where her ability to entertain a room came into play.


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