September 28, 2016

Changes made to new district codes

By Kate Johnson

Long winded Beulah Planning and Zoning meeting ended with a handful of changes to the recently proposed SRF District Code book. This book has been in the makings for two years by the planning and zoning commission, City Coordinator Russ Duppong, and SRF Consulting.
A public hearing on the new proposed district code book was held last week and had three members of the public present, one of whom was Beulah City Councilman Eric Hoffer. Sitting in the front row next to him were two licensed daycare operators.
The background of the district code was presented and how out-of-date it had become, originally being produced on a typewriter. This two-year-long effort has been used to update the code and get rid of areas that may seem grey or left up to interpretation. Hoffer presented the commission with areas he felt still read grey and with concerns members of the public had come forward with.
Once concerns had been addressed, sentences were added, some were rescinded, and others stayed as they were. It was presented that the biggest asset to this document is the definition section is extensive in efforts to deny the ability of interpretation. Also, it is formatted in such a way a person who wants to know everything about – for example – a home based business does not have to jump around the document. All of the information is cohesive in one spot.

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