October 5, 2016

Citizens suggest where to cut city budget

By Kate Johnson

Approximately 40 citizens found places to sit and stand to take part in the topic of a 20 percent tax increase suggested by the Beulah City Council. Although many faces just listened, a few begged certain questions as to where the city could be cutting their budget.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke gave insight to this increase in his opening statements. He referred to the agricultural section and oil being down, thus leading to lower tax collection in North Dakota. The taxes brought in by the state are shared throughout the cities. Beulah’s decrease this year, according to Bjerke, will be around $60,000. He also mentioned that, along with severance and conversion tax reductions, there is $180,000 less income than there once was, which he presented that the city has to work to make up.
Bjerke discussed how they have been budgeting and attempting for some wiggle room if a situation were to ever come up. With the budget that was created, Bjerke mentioned he was proud of the work he and his staff had done, making those cuts in places and in some portfolio budgets.

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