December 7, 2016

City accepts water treatment project bid

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

Low bids had been tabulated and a general contractor for the upgrade to the water treatment project was granted. Northern Plains Contracting was granted the bid as primary contractors for the project.
The project cost for the water treatment project was estimated around $4.2 million. Northern Plains Contracting bid the project at just $3.7 million.
To move forward with the project Mayor Darrell Bjerke entertained a motion to be made to accept the low bid. Councilman Brant Keller made the motion which was seconded by Councilwoman Kelsey Timmer.
Northern Plains Contracting combine bid was the lowest bid recieved with the combination of general, mechanical and electrical bids received separately. Northern Plains’ bid included those three items in one bid.This motion was unanimously approved to accept Northern Plains’ bid.
Keller carried on to discuss the financing portion of the project as well as the remote water meter readers.
The topic on the table was the addition and installation of new water meter readers throughout the city of Beulah. Although this project would be separate from the water treatment plant project.

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