April 5, 2017

City approves Franchise Agreements

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

Franchise agreements and the franchise fee are two separate items, although the fees piggyback off of the agreements. However, several Beulah City Council meetings ago Mayor Darrell Bjerke said the 3 percent franchise fee was dead.
This past Monday the council took to a vote to approve the franchise agreements they have with Roughrider Electric Company, MidCo, and Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU). Their motions made were to include a zero percent in place of where the three used to lie in the agreement.
With three separate agreements, the council had to make three separate approvals. Mayor Bjerke opened the discussion by announcing the feedback he had received from the rest of the council was to approve the franchises.
“Approve those with a zero fee in the paragraph that covers franchise fees,” said Bjerke.
He then cited the Feb. 6 city council meeting when the first reading included a 3 percent franchise fee, and that it had been designated to be placed in a separate fund for street lights and electrical infrastructure.

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