September 21, 2016

City approves new water treatment plant

By Kate Johnson

The Beulah City Council enters the second phase with Moore Engineering in their new construction of a water treatment facility for Beulah. Kent Ritterman, with Moore Engineering, presented to the council at the latest meeting for their approval of the project’s plans and budget.
Beulah will be switching from a lime softening plant to a membrane plant. The plant has been in need of an upgrade for some years and Beulah’s options were to pour money into doing a complete remodel of the old system or updating the system completely. Their decision was to go with a membrane plant because of its more modern appeal.
Ritterman informed the council, much to their own knowledge, that this project has been in the works for two years. Originally when the project was last publicly discussed the grand total of the project was going to be $5.8 million.
Through many extensive meetings, planning, and re-planning that number fluctuated, eventually jumping to just greater than $6 million. Potential additions of a holding pond for the plant’s discharge and the construction of a garage are what was increasing that grand total.
However, with some good luck, that number has landed at $5.7 million once again.
Ritterman explained they have been in the design phase of this project since this past spring and throughout the summer.

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