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July 8, 2015

City Council finds improvement for dead end streets

By Baelee Butts

City Council met July 6 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. They discussed many public issues including lot sales, refinancing of the nursing home, permits, the bike path payments, and street management.
There are dead end streets in Beulah that are marked, but there are also dead end streets that have no clear indication that they are dead ends, and the liability risk runs high for injury, explained Councilperson Kathy Kelsch.
“Any liability we have, there should be a sign there,” said Mayor Darrell Bjerke.
The need for consistency is high, explained Kelsch. A proposal was made to look into the cost and various options of signs to be more aesthetically pleasing for the city.  
Three options for drainage improvements were presented, but were dismissed until a future meeting when the appropriate councilperson, Roger Gazur, could attend. The finishing touches on the bike path and the additional costs were included; the city will finish paying out $27,482 for additional support, stability and clean up on the bike path.
The continuing legal terms involving 3rd Avenue was passed when City Attorney Scott Solem addressed the wording issues and an amendment to the language was passed. A deadline was reached for opening bids come September. The issue of weather was brought up when it came to discussing construction deadlines.
“There are two seasons in North Dakota,” said Russell Duppong, city coordinator and building official. “Winter and ‘winter’s coming’.”
The concern for another emergency siren was brought up by Duppong. The current siren system does not reach the adequate airwaves to carry the sound through the entire city, explained Duppong. There have been concerned citizens, not complaints, explained Duppong, but concerned community members who say they cannot hear the sirens when they go in their houses.

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