December 29, 2015

City Council requests Airport Update

Year end is just around the corner, and the city council looks for updates on what their money has been going toward. Mayor Darrell Bjerke explains what exactly the council is looking for when being given these reports.

“Usually there have been allocations from the city to the golf course, the park board, to the airport authority, the library. And what we have done in the past is to ask respectfully that the entity receiving those grant funds from the city come in and tell us a little bit about what you’re doing,” says Bjerke.

The individual standing before Bjerke and the rest of the council was Airport Board Member Bo Klindworth. Klindworth, who only heard about the meeting days prior, was unsure of what council was looking for but assured them his answers were the best estimations he could come up with in the absence of his treasurer, John Phillips.

Bjerke carried on, giving Klindworth examples of what they were looking for and asking if the money the city was giving them was still needed.

“Because we keep putting it in our budget and don’t know whether or not if it’s even needed,” said Bjerke. “And as our budget has become harder and harder to meet, we’d like to cut some of those out.”

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