September 16, 2015

City Council tables crew camp decision

Tuesday, Sept. 8, City Council met to listen to the Capitol Lodge presentation, questions and concerns from designated citizen speakers, and the planning and zoning board’s recommendations. City Hall’s seats were full and people stood shoulder to shoulder just to listen in on the pitch, conversation, and verdict.
Planning and Zoning had handed out 15 items to the council on the summary of questions and concerns of their meeting the week prior. After reading off the 15 items about what was discussed in the planning and zoning meeting Mayor Darrell Bjerke said, “I’d rather not chew on that again, please address the chair if you do wish to speak. We only want one person speaking at a time and I know you all have been very courteous to me in the past, so I know and expect it will be that way tonight. If not, I will ask for a motion to adjourn and we will end the hearing.”
Bjerke opened the floor to Mike Boudreau to give the council and citizens the Capitol Lodge crew camp presentation. Bjerke made the statement, “The meeting is going to consist of 15 minute pros and 15 minute cons.”
The camp is potentially being built on 7th Street NE. Capitol Lodge did look at other locations but, because of the time constraints, this piece of land is the most attractive to them, being that the camp has the ability to hook up to the municipal system - water and sewage lines. Other sites that were looked at would take longer to build on and be more costly for the company. The site has potential to acquire 250 men on the low end and exceed 500 on the high end, having 40 units with 7 bedrooms in each unit and, in some cases, two beds to every bedroom. Each unit has a bathroom in each bedroom and one living room/kitchen for all individuals within that unit. The lodge offers a cafeteria, laundry and exercise rooms – all basic amenities residents would need.
The men would enter and leave on buses, shuttling to and from work, limiting the traffic coming and going from the site. The site would be completely enclosed with only one way in and out, which is through the security check point. A guard sits in the booth and checks individuals in. There are to be 400 cameras throughout the facility. Boudreau was asked the question of what the security-to-resident ratio was; he responded that it is about one per 100.

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