August 3, 2016

City Council talks liquor licenses

By Kate Johnson

With budget season approaching fast, the Beulah City Council has begun to talk expenditures. Also, through research, the city has found a few holes in their current way of doing things.
In the past the city council has formed an emergency meeting to ratify a forgotten raffle permit. Taking part in the North Dakota League of Cities conference which was held in Bismarck, Mayor Darrell Bjerke said that is not allowed according to open meetings laws. Bjerke urged council to spread the word about preparedness when anticipating needing a permit, and those requests should be in well beforehand. Bjerke noted that they will no longer be calling special meetings for forgotten permits.
During the Heritage Park Market beer garden discussion, liability has been the big question mark. Many have been researching the topic and there is still more to be done says Councilman Clyde Schulz. However, their current findings through the North Dakota Insurance Fund is the liquor license holder is liable. Nonetheless, the city is still naked if anything unfortunate were to happen. Schulz explained that the liquor licenses holders should add city to their liability.
“If something were to happen, we want to be protected,” said Schulz.
He also noted that bartenders can no longer be volunteers, they will have to be under the liquor license holder.


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