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April 23, 2009

City council will delay on time change issue

Beulah’s chamber of commerce recently conducted a membership survey to determine the amount of support for an effort to petition the Department of Transportation for a change from Daylight to Central Time for Mercer County. Chamber president, Kevin Flaagan told the council at its regular meeting Monday evening that the Chamber had sent surveys to 110 members with 70 responses, 60 of which were in favor of the action to seek the time change. In his presentation Flaagan referred to the survey results as a "mandate.

The Chamber began the effort after urging from county commissioner Frank Bitterman, Golden Valley, who attended a Chamber meeting some weeks ago. Flaagan said the Chamber wants a letter of support from the city, is hoping to get other cities to support the idea, as well, and to present that to the County Commission on May 20. The county could then petition the Department of Transportation, the agency in charge of time zones, should they choose to do so.

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