October 1, 2014

City eying local housing options

By Chris Erickson

Larger scale development of housing in Beulah has not happened in quite some time, but two current projects and one proposed project could change that.
Two housing projects started being discussed between the city and private developers about a year ago, for Terra Nova to develop up to 22 houses on 3rd Ave NE, and for Howard Covert developing up to around 10 houses along 11th St.
Both of those projects have faced stalls due to circumstances on the part of the developers. Time is still available for both developers to complete their projects, although for Terra Nova the deadline is looming to bring back any extension for the development. Otherwise the agreement in place would call for the city to collect the agreed-upon bond. If that were to happen the bond would provide for the city to complete the infrastructural development of the lots, which the developer would still own.
The third proposal has recently come up with a few options for the city itself to look into some aspect of developing the Tumbleweed Addition.
Beulah City Councilor Kathy Kelsch holds the city properties portfolio, and has been a leading advocate at the city level for housing to be addressed. At the last regular city council meeting Kelsch had brought up a few options for council consideration that included proposed numbers for any such development. Those options, each with a different price tag, reflected options for how the city would develop the site on its own, work with a developer to develop the site, or leave it mostly to a developer.
Kelsch noted that the city was entertaining options now because councilors recognized how the city could not go through another construction season without a place for people to build homes.


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