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August 5, 2015

City Gov.Employee Evaluation Meetings

By Baelee Butts

City employees had their evaluations Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29. Employee evaluations are based on different criteria, including productivity, quality of work, knowledge of their respective jobs, working relations, adherence to city policies and procedures, work attitude, initiative, appearance, and contacts with the public. Grading is based on a scale from unsatisfactory to outstanding. 0-40 is unsatisfactory; 40-60 below average; 60-80 good; 80-90 excellent; 90-100 outstanding.
Day one meeting:
In the day one meeting of evaluations, city workers for utilities, public works, sanitation, law enforcement, and janitorial were all evaluated. All workers received raises in their 2015 percent of salary range. For those who were already at one hundred percent there was discussion of upward progression in their field or a possible wage increase if they were eligible, to be discussed at another meeting.
Day two meeting:
The day two meeting lasted longer than day one. There were more topics discussed such as foreman pay and police department issues. The issue of needing a sixth police officer was brought up and the comparison of wages was included. The comparison of a fifty, 100, and 150-mile radius for wages in surrounding cities including, Williston, Watford City and Bismarck were also included Beulah did not have as high a pay rate as the rest.

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