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January 17, 2018

City halts hasty decision on civic center remodel

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s civic center was a hot topic for Beulah City Council at the most recent meeting. The topic of needing a new or better civic center has been a subject that has been floating around for months.
It was time for Beulah’s Economic Developer John Phillips to give a presentation as to why and how the city could accomplish a renovated civic center to better serve the community.
Phillips stated known issues with the current civic center such as: bathrooms, acoustics, air conditioning, as well as, “other amenities.”
Phillips explained that there is a need for a larger meeting spot. The current civic center has been requested but unable to accommodate certain events at times because of a bigger place or the lack of visibility one would have of a speaker or the inability of hearing the speaker.
Currently the building is two large rooms, plus a third smaller room, a hall dividing both sides and single stall bathrooms. Phillips said that the bathrooms aren’t at code for the building being the size that it is.
 Phillips rattled off the amount of events the civic center currently hosts annually, and if the building had a better design, maybe those events could have more ability to grow. The civic center is used for vendors shows, meetings, fundraising events, benefits, breakfasts and other random things here and there.


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