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July 29, 2015

City maintenance construction and completions

By Baelee Butts

The City of Beulah has made some major improvements around the community. The list of projects the city has worked on ranges from rollover projects from last summer, new projects scheduled for this summer, and future scheduled projects. Russell Duppong, City Coordinator/Building Official, has been busy with numerous projects this summer.
One project that has been in progress through the summer was the South Lagoon sewage issue, which was resolved along with the station one pump that was replaced and repaired. The South Lagoon will have some cleanup on the north side for a reclamation project.
The bike path was completed this summer, as it had to be put on the hold last year once the weather cooled down and the ground could not be packed appropriately. Other than some cleanup, that project is completed, Duppong explained. Work scheduled on Highway 49 from the railroad to the county line for turning lanes, bridge work and other road work was rescheduled, and the revised timeline still unknown. They are also looking at rerouting water to the park right now.

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