February 22, 2017

City makes adjustments for building sale to Chamber

By Kate Johnson

Beulah City Council’s most recent meeting was considerably lighter; however, they were able to make adjustments to their original offer to the Beulah Chamber. The original offer to sell the building located on Hwy 49 to the Chamber was made in August. Since then there have been many discussions over this topic.
In the original motion made by Beulah City Council the Chamber would receive 25 feet in the front of the building and 50 feet in the back of the building. However, the issue had was that the driveway into the back parking lot wasn’t included because it was outside of that 50 feet.
Council Woman Kathy Kelsch presented the information to the rest of council and the chamber’s request to purchase additional property. The request was for an additional 45 feet beyond the back parking lot’s 50 feet.
“In visiting with them, I think their reasoning is very, very solid, in helping them with their long-term plans and long-term goals and what they hope to do with the Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau they have there,” said Kelsch.


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