April 25, 2018

City P&Z hears Land Use Plan

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s city planning and zoning commission was able to get the first glance at the draft drawn up for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
Brent Moore a planner with Interstate Engineering presented a brief overview of the plan while commission members had the full packet sent to them prior to the meeting.
Moore went over the timeline of the project and discussed where they started to where they were today. Having only started this project in January of this year, they been through several focus groups, two public meetings, as well as visiting with a steering committee, they have come to their first draft of the project.
Moore explained that the project has stayed on their timeline and is intended to be presented to the Beulah City Council May 7.
Moore said the research being presented was from those groups, the demographic of the area, economic data, public engagement and the infrastructure assessment.
Judging from the original map Moore explained that Beulah has grown consistently with the city design of how it was originally settled on (graded street patterns).

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