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May 6, 2010

City receives lagoon repair only funding

The city of Beulah will receive $300,000 in federal money toward the repair of the south side sewage lagoon.

Mayor Darrell Bjerke announced that he was notified by Lee Kaldor, deputy state director for Sen. Byron Dorgan, that the lagoon repair project was approved for funding under the Water Resources Development Act, which authorizes the Army Corps of Engineers to provide assistance on nonfederal environmental infrastructure projects. The project will require a 25 percent nonfederal match, which means the city may have to come up with as much as $100,000 if there isn’t any matching funding from the state of North Dakota.

Bjerke said the repair project is being restructured so as not to forego any future options on reshaping the lagoon. The city is continuing to work with Dorgan’s office to get funding in the 2011 Federal budget to reshape the lagoon to lower its potential impact of flood levels.

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