July 13, 2016

City receives update on Water Park

By Sierra Moeykens

Jolene Muscha, a member of the Beulah Water Park board, came to the city council meeting prepared with updates on the Beulah Water Park.
Her first and biggest concern was the lack of employees.
“We are going to have to take some measures to reduce the number of hours the pool is going to be open, just because of the shortage of employees,” Muscha says. “This is not a new issue, this has been evolving over the past 5-6 years. The amount of high school kids out looking for a job is diminishing. There are so many other commitments out there that they have: sports now looking to make sure kids train, and they go to the camps in the summer... It reduces the amount of kids we have to hire.”
Last year there were 25 total employees working at the water park, with 18 guards. This year there are only 14 guards so far.


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