June 7, 2017

City restricts lawn watering only

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

A reverse 911 emergency call went out Monday from the city alerting people of the immediate changes to their water usage. However, at that evening’s Beulah City Council meeting the council decided to alter what had already been shared with the public.
The original message had odd-numbered homes watering Mondays and Wednesdays, and even-numbered homes watering Tuesdays and Thursdays. The water restriction was inclusive of lawns, flowers, gardens, and car washing.
However, Councilman Brant Keller shared with the council a question he had been asked after the reverse 911 call went out Monday afternoon, and pondered if the designated days should be changed. Keller discussed that a patron had commented on the city’s Facebook post and pointed out they would go four days without watering their plants or gardens.
Keller questioned if one group watered Monday and Thursday and another group watered Tuesday and Friday -- motioning toward Beulah Water Foreman Gary Neuberger, asking if that would work for their operations. Councilwoman Kathy Kelsch also noted that this change of days would allow people less time between watering, which is crucial for some people’s gardens and flowers.

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