December 20, 2017

City talks changes to cemetery ordinance

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

Beulah City Council had a long-winded discussion on doubling the number of pages in their cemetery ordinances.
The latest city council meeting revolved around the ordinance changes that were made, as well as a maintenance agreement the cemetery would have.
Vern Muscha, a member of the Catholic Church, was present for the meeting to share that the church needs more time to review changes made to the ordinances.
Councilman Eric Hoffer, who holds the cemetery portfolio, said he and Solem Law Attorney Alyson Hicks had thought they would have the first reading again at the current meeting, which would delay the second reading.
The first reading of the cemetery ordinance was done in July, six months prior to the meeting Monday night. Hoffer said that, because of the substantial changes made to the ordinance and it being so long since hearing the first reading, he and Hicks decided they would have the first reading again.
However, Councilman Travis Frey felt they could not go back and have a first reading twice – especially under Roberts Rules of Order. Frey expressed that the first reading was already in the previous city council minutes.

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