May 4, 2016

City talks street repairs

By Kate Johnson

Streets were talked about at length at Beulah City Council due to their need to get “cleaned up.” Ben Lenzen holds the streets portfolio which the latest council meeting focused on. Lenzen began by talking sidewalks. Which have been a topic for quite so time, especially with new developments creating a “family friendly neighborhood” which equates to the construction of sidewalks.
Lenzen has approached the school board and believes they will be on board with being the start to what he refers to as a “cobweb” of sidewalks to branch out from there. Lenzen reports to council that his hope is to start on Central Avenue North, located by the middle school, and continue to spread from there.
Lenzen mentioned that he hopes this will have a domino effect within the community and people will be willing to work together and repair their sidewalks.
The council discussed the state of which some sidewalks throughout Beulah are in. Whether that is missing an entire piece, gravel instead of cement, or uneven surfaces.
There is a city ordinance stating homes or businesses with a sidewalk are responsible for keeping it in quality and safe conditions. Mayor Darrell Bjerke mentioned at one time his sidewalk did not meet the city ordinance. He received a letter from the city stating he either fix it himself or the city would and the cost would be special assessed on his taxes for the next 10 years. Making the comment, “I have the copy of [the letter] I got in my file.”
Councilman, Travis Fry begged the question if the city should put forward a survey and see how many people would be on board with the repairs to sidewalks. Mayor Bjerke reiterated that it is a city ordinance and the code must be followed – potentially having to  give patrons the two options they would chose from.


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