May 30, 2018

Class of 2018

By Kate Johnson

“The world needs connections,” said Beulah Superintendent Travis Jordan.
He spoke to the graduating class about the importance of reaching out and never being afraid to make a connection with someone.
Jordan shed light on  mental illness and that 1 in 4 students suffer from it, which can also be said about adults as well. He told the graduates that the world is a tough place to navigate through and there is not one single person out there who is the same as you are.
He said that people’s worries go untold because we fail to connect with people. He encouraged them to smile at everyone they encounter, greet everyone they walk by, and to lift people up when they are down.
He told the graduates that it is not about looks or money, your location or family structure. “You can create success without those features,” said Jordan, “True success is not what you accomplish in life but what you get others to accomplish.”

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