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January 18, 2017

Commission adjourns early due to alleged threats

By Daniel Arens

Members of the Mercer County Commission left their latest meeting at the courthouse early. Not all items on the agenda were completed when the commission adjourned. Commissioner Wes Gunsch moved to adjourn, declaring the meeting no longer functional.
The motion came in the middle of discussion on the county’s software system, which Commissioner Dwight Berger wished to discuss. He accused the other commissioners of incompetence in implementing a new software system, which has not worked properly. During the previous meeting, the commission had moved to return to the old system, looking into an upgrade down the road if and when it was needed.
“How are we going to tell the taxpayers that due to the undue diligence of our commissioners, we spent $300,000 on a system we’re now gutting?” Berger asked. He added that another software system could have been installed with a person who would have done the work cheaper.


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