August 10, 2016

Commission clarifies temporary use permit

By Daniel Arens

Ongoing concerns with stockpiling of rock southeast of Stanton have led the Mercer County Commission to attempt clarification of what conditions must be met to allow this and similar activity in the area.
Following complaints from property owner Dwight Berger that Strata Corporation was stockpiling rock without the proper permit, the company immediately applied for the permit and showed that they have a lease agreement with Gerald Alderin, whose property the stockpile is located on. Several conditions were included in the permitting process, but the commission agreed that they did not go far enough.
“We have a resident real near there,” Commissioner Wayne Entze said, referring to Berger. “Dust control should be part of the [temporary] use.”
Commissioner Wes Gunsch added that the company should have to be in contact with the county’s highway department, so that the latter can ensure that dust control is effective.
Berger, who attended the meeting, brought up another aspect for the discussion. He said that he would like to see the property in question reclaimed whenever it was not in active use. Besides issues with dust, Berger said the exposed areas could be a safety hazard. The commissioners agreed with his reasoning.
Gunsch moved to approve the permit from Strata Corporation on condition that reclamation is kept up-to-date, there is dust control at the site and along the road leading to it, and that there is communication with the road department. The commissioners then amended the motion to clarify that reclamation should include reseeding and should be done at the exposed area.

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