July 26, 2016

Commission discusses maintenance bond for County 26


By Daniel Arens


For the Mercer County Commission, improper mixture of oils could be a source of future concern for County 26.

Steve Dorval, Heartland Engineering, spoke with the commissioners regarding the overlay completed by Mayo Construction for County 26, and addressed a maintenance bond to deal with the oil issues. An extraction of the early part of paving showed that too much oil was used in the mixture, leading to the possibility of future running.

After the first two days, Mayo Construction fixed the mixture, but about 45 percent of the paving on the east part of the road has the mix with too much oil.

We think it's a pretty serious situation for the county,” Dorval said.

Mayo Construction had discussed taking a three-year, $500,000, maintenance bond on the project. Dorval recommended to the commission that this would not be accurate, and that the commission should instead look at a minimum of five years and $1,000,000 for the bond terms.

The workmanship was very nice, it looks very nice,” Dorval said, adding that the board still needed the bond as a sort of “insurance policy.”

The commission asked about how the high concentration of oil was not at first detected. Dorval said the equipment was not working properly, although he added that the contractor should have recognized this and taken earlier steps to get correct readings.

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