December 23, 2014

Commission discusses proper way forward

By Chris Erickson

The Mercer County Commission talked shop politics last week during its last regular meeting of 2014. During the meeting the commission handled a few topics such as hearing from engineering firms, handling an industry right-of-way issue and discussing what constituted proper business within the courthouse after rumors popped up regarding improper meetings.
Commissioner Wayne Entze said that he had recently fielded complaints from county residents and wanted to address them to get 2015 “started on the right foot.”
“We work as a board in pretty much all functions and what I’m referring to is that board members shouldn’t be going off and doing things on their own,” Entze said, apparently referencing a meeting that had happened between individual commissioners and a department head on the matter of a grievance. “When we meet as a board do we have to clean up the mess of a commissioner?”
Entze said that there were many diligent employees at the county level and for him personally he wanted to serve to protect the county. He stated that the commissioners were there to serve the public and some issues had come to his attention that he felt undermined that.
“There were some things I heard that really concerned me,” Entze said. “I can’t tolerate this any more. I’m here to serve and the elected people are here to serve. ... There are people who love their jobs here and we’re off on the wrong foot already.”
Commissioner Duane Scheurer echoed Entze’s concerns, noting that in the past week he’d received similar complaints from the public.

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