November 22, 2016

Commission hears landfill capping update

By Daniel Arens

Projects are winding down this year, even as the Mercer County Commission discusses which county needs will occupy their attention in the 2017 fiscal year.
Sherwin Wanner, Houston Engineering, gave an update on completion of the capping project at the landfill. He said there had been issues along the way, as this was the contractor’s first large project, but that all of the issues had been successfully resolved. He confirmed to the commission that the final product is good.
Wanner also informed the commission that seeding of the site would have to be verified after germination in the spring, so that element cannot yet be completely checked off.
The pay request for the project has not yet been submitted for approval, only engineer’s estimates. Wanner told the commission that extra compensation would be requested for labor on bringing excess water to complete the project.
The contractor had also tried to use a shortcut method of spreading out compost, but Houston Engineering had not approved this contract. This caused a delay, as the contractor had to go back and install a mechanical screen. Commissioner Duane Scheurer noted that he did not want to see the commission have any additional costs on this issue.


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