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November 13, 2013

Commission hears plans from Coyote Creek

By Chris Erickson

Mercer County Commissioners heard plans last week on how a new mining operation plans to progress to its scheduled start of operations in 2016.
Coyote Creek Mining Company Engineering Manager Donn Steffen provided a detailed presentation on where the company was in its planning stages, as well as an overview of how it intended to move forward in the next two years.
Steffen began by noting the company’s 25-year contract to provide Coyote Station would begin with coal deliveries in May 2016.
“Last spring we received some conditional permits for drilling and we’ve done a lot of baseline activities,” Steffen said. “All the work was done in preparation for filing for the surface coal mining permits.”
Steffen said the permit process involved two stages. First was a smaller permit for an approximately 80-acre tract about 4 miles west of Highway 49 on County Road 25.
“That permit that we submitted in May for this site was strictly to house the shop office complex and erect our dragline,” he said. “We’d like to start that work in the spring of 2014. That permit has been through the public review process but is still under technical review process by the Public Service Commission.”


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