May 18, 2016

Commission hires Dakota Staffing

By Kate Johnson

Two custodial maintenance workers have quit at the Mercer County Courthouse. The positions that left were full-time and part-time, leaving only one custodial maintenance person in the building.
Mercer County Commissioner Wes Gunsch presented to the commission that this may be the time to hire Dakota Staffing Solutions, which would be considered contracting the jobs out.
Hiring a custodial maintenance worker as a county employee current equates to an annual salary of around $50,000, with the additional cost of the county benefit package.
If Dakota Staffing supplies the employees, a full-time janitor would start at $15 an hour, creating an annual income of $48,000. Meanwhile that hire is under Dakota Staffing benefits.
Gunsch discussed how there is a three-month trial period with the employees supplied. After three months the commission can decide if they like or dislike working with Dakota Staffing, at which time they can hire the employees they have supplied as county employees. However, if the county wishes to hire them prior to the end of that three-month trial period, there would be a penalty fee the county would need to pay.
Nonetheless, if the county likes working with the staffing company they can stay on with them for as long as they like.


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