August 24, 2016

Commission, Mayo debate County 26

By Daniel Arens

Ongoing discussion about a settlement for County 26 reached a head Aug. 17 during a meeting of the Mercer County Commission.
Greg Mayo, President of Mayo Construction, attended the meeting along with Steve Dorval, Heartland Engineering. Mayo Construction was the contractor who performed the overlay work for the road, while Heartland Engineering was the firm the commission approved to oversee engineering work.
Over the first two days of a five-day construction period, the oil mixture for the work had too much oil. Roughly 45 percent of the project involves the wrong oil amount.
Dorval informed the commission about the situation in July, and since that point the commissioners have debated taking out a bond with Mayo Construction. This bond would stipulate the company will agree to refund money up to a certain amount to the commission if any problems stemming from the oil discrepancy should arise in a specific timeframe.
Mercer County Road Superintendent Ken Miller sent a letter to the commissioners, saying he felt “that a warranty is not in the best interest of the county.” Concerns have been raised that defining what problems are due to normal wear-and-tear versus what problems are due to the increased oil levels could provide a loophole for the company to argue that it would not have to refund the money.
Miller suggested the county provide Mayo Construction with two options: either don’t pay them for the work that was done while the oil concentration was too high, or have the company mill it out and redo it.


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