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January 8, 2014

Commission mulls tax exemption

by Chris Erickson

County commissioners learned a new taxation term last week when they were approached by representatives seeking a tax exemption for coal beneficiation processes going on in the county.
Sam Larson, of Larson, Latham, Huettl Law Firm, and Donald Boehm, of Basin Electric, were on hand to discuss the nature of the tax exemption with the commission.
Larson’s firm represents Marquis, LLC, which is a contracting firm that owns the patent rights to a process that combines chemicals and a cementious compound with coal, ultimately creating a cleaner burning product.
“For lack of better analogy we’ve likened it to being similar to putting egg batter to fish and putting that through bread crumbs before placing it in the frying pan,” Larson said. “Once the liquid and cementious compound are applied they run through an apparatus that mixes it together on the conveyor belt at Antelope Valley Station before going through the crusher and on to the boilers.”


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