March 19, 2014

Commission to seek Energy Impact Office loan

At a meeting late last week, Mercer County Commissioners went after one idea they felt was the best course of action for paying for a courthouse expansion: the state.
At the courthouse last Friday the commission moved to apply for an Energy Impact Office coal conversion loan in the amount of $7 million, which would pay off the lion’s share of the nearly $9.8 million project.
The coal conversion loan would be paid back by future coal conversion taxes. The remainder of the cost of the project— about $2.8 million, would be paid out of existing funds in CDs and savings.
Commission Chairman Gary Murray said he felt it was the best option for the county if the county qualified for the loan. County Auditor Shana Brost said she would know by March 24 whether or not the county received approval. If the loan isn’t approved and the project is, it will become a bond issue.

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