April 12, 2017

Commission urged to forgo term limits

By Daniel Arens

Several county residents came to the Mercer County Courthouse to voice their concerns about a resolution regarding term limits.
Specifically, the resolution states that there will be limitations for board appointments. Those serving three- to six-year terms are limited to two successive appointments; those serving two-year terms are limited to three successive appointments; those serving one-year terms are limited to four successive appointments.
Four of the commissioners, as well as Jessica Binder, Mercer County State’s Attorney, said that the resolution is designed to encourage new people to participate in county government. Specifically, the commission said they passed the resolution in hopes of giving an advantage to new people who may be hesitant to apply for a position which has long been held by someone else.
The resolution states that, if the term limit is reached and no one else applies for the position, the commission can appoint the previous holder of the position even though the term is over. However, if a new person applies as well as the incumbent after the term limit is reached, the commission must choose the new applicant.

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