October 7, 2015

Conditional use permit granted by City Council

By Kate Johnson

City Council has approved the annexation, zoning change, and conditional use permit for the Capital Lodge crew camp. Tuesday, Oct. 5, the city council made for a passionate discussion on the conditional use permit that was on the council’s table. The annexation and zoning change was approved without much discussion; however, the topic of the conditional use permit was discussed in great length, being picked apart by council members.
Before opening the floor to discussion and recommendations, Mayor Darrell Bjerke made a clear statement to the crowd that was present.
“The City of Beulah is not looking for crew camps, we have one that has requested to annex,” Bjerke said. “What [Capitol Lodge] has done meeting with a willing seller outside the city limits and made applications to the city council - that is how we became involved, legally, and have been working with that since.”
However, even though the permits and changes were approved by the council, it does not mean Capitol Lodge will begin moving in. Capitol Lodge still can accept or deny the conditional use permit that is presented to them. Now, with the conditional use permit approved, Capitol Lodge will need to submit and present building permits. The concern that floated among the crowd and was presented to the council by Rich Jurgens – who had requested through Mayor Darrell Bjerke prior to the meeting that he be able to share some last comments on the project.

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