October 25, 2017

Construction spurs sewer line repair

By Kate Johnson

Main Street was shut down Monday for sewer line repair. As the Beulah Job Development Authority took on the reconstruction of a building on Main Street, the project came to the realization that a sewer line needed to be replaced, while transforming the building into what will be a bakery.
JDA Secretary John Phillips explained that in the past there have been plumbing issues with the Country Kettle, another building JDA owns. With those past issues, Phillips said that sewer line repair and replacement is something that was to be foreseen when renovating.
Phillips stated that with the building’s age and finding cracks in places on the floor, they knew there would be some sewer line repair needed. Having dealt with sewer line issues in the County Kettle in the past, Phillips said they didn’t want those plugs to occur in this new building. And, since they were renovating it, they should go ahead and replace the items that need replacing.
Phillips said reoccurring plumbing issues stem from food – especially when a line is in already bad shape.
“Anytime you work with food you’re more apt to have issues – you have dough and grease,” said Phillips.

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