June 17, 2015

Continued rain concerns Mercer county residents

By Daniel Arens

Flooding issues continue to impact residents around Mercer County, and perhaps nowhere more so than at Lake Shores Estates north of Beulah. Continuing rainfall has again caused flooding for several properties there, where two new approaches have been wiped out.
Representatives from the Lake Shores Estates spoke with the Mercer County Water Board Thursday, June 11, to discuss some of these issues and potential progress on draining water from the properties. Ed Grunett, board chairman, said that recent meetings with Jerome Boeshans, who owns property near the affected areas of Lake Shores Estates, have been more productive. Boeshans is concerned about the effect that draining the water would have on his own property.
County Commissioner Wes Gunsch, who attended the meeting, advised the board to consult with the Beulah city council and the county commissioners to discuss budgeting for the project. The current plan includes road work after drainage has occurred, which will be a cost the county would have to pick up.
The board discussed the timeframe of the project as well. Any agreement must be paid for and the details hashed out, but the council acknowledged the urgency of dealing with the flooding soon. Gunsch suggested possibly delaying road work until sometime after the drainage is completed, to allow for better road conditions. Grunett replied that they may not be able to delay long because the work is contingent on current state subsidies.
For drainage of the swamp, the board would cover the pumping costs, while Lake Shores Estates would have to pay for upkeep and maintenance.
Greg Lange, water board secretary, spoke about an upcoming summer meeting of the Missouri River Joint Water Board. The meeting will be held July 8-9, and will also include various water tours for those interested. The event will be held through existing water boards rather than a new entity supported by a grassroots movement, due to the time and paperwork needed to start the new organization.

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