November 20, 2013

Copper tubing stolen over weekend

Sometime in the early hours of this past weekend, thieves broke the copper tubing off of two propane tanks behind Bronson’s Marketplace and vanished into the night.
By Sunday afternoon employees of the store could smell propane and called Farmer’s Union Oil of Beulah, their propane vendor, to look into the problem.
Owner Kelly Kessler said once the problem became known, they immediately called Midwest Security Systems in Bismarck, who handle the businesses security cameras.
“They will be reviewing the video in the cameras to find and details that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.” Kessler said.
According to him, the crime would cost about $1,000 in damages, mostly from the propane that had been lost after the tubing was broken off. Kessler estimated that about 50 percent of the propane in one tank was lost, with the second tank losing 30-40 percent.
“It’s scary because whoever tore that pipe off, when they did so the lines were charged,” Kessler said. “All it would have taken was a spark and it could have gotten really bad.”

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