April 20, 2016

Coteau looks to re-open section line roads

By Kate Johnson

Coteau Properties Company recently presented to the Mercer County Commission with excitement as they reported the re-opening of section line roads. The section lines are in townships 145 and 146 north, ranges west. Jessica Unruh reported that their reclamation process has come to end in that area.
“In the last year we have completed a lot of the reclamation out at Coteau. So far, everything basically north of our office complex,” Unruh said to the commission.
Unruh discussed that, once the process was complete, Coteau had been working with the commission and the county road superintendent to make sure the roads are up to their standards, which she concluded that she believed that was something they had achieved. Unruh also presented a new cut-across road.
“What we would like to do is formally open this new cut-across road for County Road 15 and then, in conjunction with that, open the rest of the section line trails that we have constructed after mining,” says Unruh. “Let them be open to the public for public use.”
Unruh discussed with the commission that all sediment ponds had been removed and the re-opening was pending their approval. The commission asked Unruh whether the trails had been graded.
“They are updated trails. They don’t have sophisticated ditches or anything like that,” said Unruh, also mentioning they have approaches and culverts in place. “And water management is controlled with the slightly raised surface for the road bed.”

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