June 21, 2017

Council bans shooting fireworks in city limits

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

Beulah City Council was put to a vote on whether to ban fireworks for this Fourth of July. Mayor Darrell Bjerke opened the discussion by explaining he has had several inquiries on the topic of fireworks since Beulah is in such drought conditions Bjerke stated to council that he then got a hold of Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed to ask what the county was going to do and what her thoughts and ideas were. He explained that she brought together town fire chiefs and police officers for a group discussion on the topic, which the discussion and verdict was sent out via e-mail to other concerned officials.
“[The e-mail] that we forwarded to you was that the consensus was we should ban all fireworks for this Fourth of July holiday,” said Bjerke, relaying what he got from the e-mail that was sent.
Bjerke carried on to discuss how “awfully dry” the area is and this was information he wanted to bring to the councils’ attention. He then stated that the chair would be open for a motion to ban the shooting of fireworks.
Councilwoman Kathy Kelsch asked what the fire index is currently at. Beulah Police Chief Frank Senn said the county was in a moderate to high index rating.

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