January 8, 2014

Council begins 2014 with housekeeping

By Chris Erickson

New agenda items found there way into Beulah Council chambers this week, with the city council addressing a limited number of issues in its first meeting of the new year.
Councilor Roger Gazur motioned that the city of Beulah not accept the appointment of Gerald Bieber as the Mercer County representative on the Beulah Planning and Zoning Board until such time he was demonstrated to be an acceptable candidate. Councilor Larry Hruby seconded the motion. Ultimately the motion tabled any decision to accept Bieber onto the board until legal counsel found that he met residency requirements.
Next up, Gazur spoke on the land use plan being proposed by Interstate Engineering. According to him, similar work had been done by a committee put together by the mayor last year that included residents thoughts on the future of Beulah.
Gazur also spoke on topic of creating a premium position at the police department that would be similar to the Public Works position of maintenance sub-foreman. The position would be called lead police officer with corresponding wage increases.


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