December 17, 2014

Council close out the year

By Chris Erickson

After a lengthy public hearing the Beulah City Council took care of some end-of-year business at its last meeting of the year this past Monday. During the meeting the council spoke about multiple topics, including a recent discussion with legislators, a water line to the park and a Main Street lighting project.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke said that a recent meeting between the councilors and local legislators had taken place for the two groups to get on the same page for needs facing the city. He noted that the legislators had asked if the city had any special requests for the Surge funding that had been proposed for early in the legislative session. The millions of dollars in funding had been proposed to address needs such as infrastructural projects throughout the state, especially in the west.
Later in the meeting Bjerke spoke about the current pedestrian bridge across the Knife River, which would be removed next year during construction on Highway 49. A water line is attached to the bridge, which provides city water to Riverside Park and the football field. The school and parks district were looking at options for what to do after that water line is removed and asked the city for input.
Councilor Ben Lenzen noted that a recent meeting had been held to discuss the upgrading of street lights on Main Street. He, Councilors Kathy Kelsch and Al Kok and representatives from MDU had spoken about the project. He said his only issue was on the proposed spacing of the lights.
“I feel that we should not only get this project but get a couple more poles,” Lenzen said. “The poles would be about $1,100 per piece. If one were hit we could replace it in a faster timeline than the 16 weeks it takes from the time your order it until it is installed.”

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