December 3, 2014

Council conducts year-end housekeeping

By Chris Erickson

The Beulah City Council finished up some housekeeping in its second-to-last meeting of 2014 earlier this week, including addressing the pedestrian bridge on the Knife River and the status of an open position at the Beulah Police Department.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke reported briefly on an update to recent participation by the council in a housing study. Bjerke had distributed information regarding the study being worked on by Mercer County Economic Development and Tetra Tech. He added that those involved were hoping for an ambitious completion date of February.
“One of my concerns was that to have the housing study available for any construction season, because it seems like we need that in order to get financial backing or developer interest,” Bjerke said.
Councilor Ben Lenzen brought up the pedestrian bridge over the Knife River. The bridge was slated for removal next year when the N.D. Department of Transportation upgrades the automobile bridge there. The agency had offered the bridge, once removed, to the city, although needed confirmation before the bid process started. Ultimately the council decided 4-3 to pass on any offer to keep the pedestrian bridge from the transportation department.
Lenzen then asked about the responsibilities for sanding County Road 21. City Coordinator Russ Duppong responded that the first blade through from city or county would address the issue first, and then a sand truck would be sent out. He added that from Main Street to the beacon was city responsibility and from there it was county responsibility, but whoever got there first typically dealt with it.

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