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February 4, 2015

Council discusses a change of address

By Chris Erickson

The Beulah City Council had a bit of a “change of address” address last week when councilors spoke at length about whether looking into the city’s off-kilter addressing system would be worthwhile or not.
Councilor Ben Lenzen brought the issue forward as part of his portfolio, intending to find out if the issue was one worth pursuing further, or one that was more of a non-starter. He started the conversation by noting that his house number had changed over the years, and that made him notice that Beulah’s house numbering system was different than many in the state.
“For instance, the numbers between 2nd and 3rd are 300 numbers and most other cities they are 200 numbers,” he said.
Lenzen asked for opinions from the other councilors on what they felt. Councilor Roger Gazur stated that his address had changed once and caused problems with certain delivery companies. He added that even though that was the case, stability of keeping an address was more important than absolute accuracy.
Councilor Travis Frey said the newer developments in Beulah seemed to have rectified the problem.
Lenzen asked if the council wanted to move forward with any study or not. Councilor Brant Keller said it could cause chaos for those who’ve lived in their homes for decades. Councilor Kathy Kelsch said that she didn’t think a citywide address change would go over well unless there was a serious reason for its consideration in the first place. After further discussion the topic was closed.
During public input, Librarian Colleen Wiest provided the council with her yearly library report, touching on the topics of the library foundation, the library location and the resources used throughout the year.
Wiest stated that the budget was a bit over for the year, but the shortfall would likely be made up with state aid.  In order to lower costs, she said, the library would have to decrease the number of hours it was open each week.
Wiest then added that the library foundation had held its organizational meeting, voted in officers and held a brainstorming session on fundraising opportunities. In other library business the library board had toured the Liebelt building with an architect and determined the first cost estimate was too high.

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