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March 9, 2016

Council discusses the need for company car

City Council has been in the process of replenishing what was lost in the city shop fire last summer, under the portfolio of Councilman Travis Frey. In the absence of Mayor Darrell Bjerke, Councilman Clyde Schulz sat as chairman for the meeting.
At last month’s city council meeting Frey pitched the council with the motion for the city to purchase a new vehicle that city employees could use. The vehicle that was to be purchased was a 2016 Ford Edge. At that time city council wanted to see what other options they had before purchasing a brand new vehicle for $30,000. The motion was tabled from that meeting until now.
At the most recent city council meeting the discussion began to go a little deeper, pulling back the layers. Beginning with the original motion to approve the purchase of an Eco Ford Edge, which led other council members’ opinions.
The three options that had been prepared, according to City Coordinator Russ Duppong, were an Edge with a bigger motor, an Eco Edge, and a Ford Fusion.
“The bigger motor was in the higher $30,000s, the Eco Edge was in the $29,000s, and the Fusion car is an all-wheel drive that was around $24,000,” reported Duppong, also mentioning to the council that a used Edge costs $25,000.


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