February 19, 2014

Council discusses water ordinances

Water infrastructure was the main topic of discussion this week when the Beulah City Council met for its regular meeting.
At its previous meeting the council had tabled further discussion on Ordinance 408 pending input from Water Plant Foreman Gary Neuberger on whether or not to regulate seals on water meters. Neuberger was not available at the time of the council meeting.
City Attorney Scott Solem brought forward two versions of the updated ordinance, one reflecting the updated language and one without.
Councilor Brant Keller noted that he was in agreement with Neuberger’s perspective that, in going forward, the installation of water meters should include seals.
“We talked about getting each one sealed,” he said. “This week we’ll do this section of town and next week a different section. One problem is that some people might not be home when you stop by or won’t let you in their house. He wants to see seals left in there. Any new meters will be sealed. Any time the water is shut off, then Gary could put a seal in when it’s turned back on.”
Councilor Clyde Schulz said it appeared as though Neuberger approved of the seals being put in place and being referenced in the ordinance, so the official reading of the ordinance could happen. The reading was ultimately tabled by the council until members heard direct input from Neuberger.


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