October 2, 2013

Council explains the proposed tax hike

Last week Beulah residents had a chance to have their questions heard during a public hearing on a proposed mill levy increase.
The public hearing was held due to the proposed increase in this year’s mill levy by the city of Beulah.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke noted that the exact total mill levy would not be figured out until the county finalized its budget, but what was being presented was in the form of dollars and cents to easier explain. He added that the city had tried to “hold the line” in the past, but quite a few new factors contributed to an increase in mills, such as salary increases and funding for the dilapidated building initiative.

According to Bjerke, the 2012 taxes paid to the city for a $100,000 home in Beulah would have been $268.38. If there were no increase this year, the taxes on that home paid to the city would be $229.46, and if the mill levy was raised to 64.66 mills, the number would increase to $290.97.
Bjerke then explained the amount of time that had been given to budgeting before turning the topic over to the council.


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