February 8, 2017

Council, franchise fees to create revenue

Beulah City Council
By Kate Johnson

The Beulah City Council tackled the conversation of how to create revenue and the options they currently have. Ordinances pertaining to the franchise agreements held with MDU and Roughrider Electric Coop were brought to the table to be reviewed and agreed upon.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke shared that Midcontinent already had a franchise fee with Beulah, but MDU and Roughrider do not. This was to be the first reading of the franchise agreements between the city and MDU and the city and Roughrider. Being that it was only the first reading, nothing is set it stone just yet.
The outcome of the conversation was to move forward with the first reading; however, if there was to be a franchise fee it would be collected and placed in a separate account and not the general fund.
“As we have been looking at our budgets and trying to find additional funding, some cities have these franchise fees. I understand there are very few,” said Bjerke. “This is one of the things I have been pushing for and would like to see, because it would create some additional revenue for us which we so desperately need to maintain operations.”

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