September 10, 2014

Council given hospital update

By Chris Erickson
The Beulah City Council got a chance last week to hear an update on the goings-on at Sakakawea Medical Center, where officials have been looking at proposed upgrades for quite some time.
CEO Darrold Bertsch was on hand at the council meeting to provide the update, along with Harvey Huber and Christie Obenauer.
During the presentation Obenauer spoke first, touching on how the hospital board had been speaking about construction projects since she joined it in about 2003. She said that at that time the hospital had ben struggling financially and was in no place to fund a major construction project, but since then things had changed.
“We’ve been blessed in the last couple of years to right ourselves financially, have money in the bank, and really be in a position to think about this project,” Obenauer added. “We’ve also been able to visit other critical access hospitals that have been built or remodeled recently, and we’ve got some ideas about what would work best for the community that we serve, as well as getting in touch with those people who understand critical access hospitals.”
Obenauer added that the board was excited about moving forward with the project, before turning the presentation over to Bertsch, who spoke first about what was happening at the national level for health care.


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